Private Label Skin manufactures and fulfills supplement and custom skincare formulations. At PLS, we stock thousands of unique, active ingredients to create custom formulations with rapid turnaround times. We’ve invested years of research and resources to become experts in manufacturing, packaging and fulfillment. Choose from our Real Time Inventory (RTI) products to get your product labeled, packaged and fulfilled promptly under one roof. Our company’s central focus to provide the best quality products with the best quality customer service in a fast paced environment has been key to our success. We understand that our company is only as good as our people and we take the time to ensure that we have the right team members in place to focus on our customer’s needs. We measure our success by our customer’s success and don’t hesitate to expand with our customer demands. As we learn what works best, our leadership team makes huge leaps into new sectors of our industry. Our time is spent learning the trends in the marketplace, taking chances with new products, and creating innovative formulas, always while trying to be one step ahead in the demand market. We get things done fast here, but we are able to maintain passion and quality along the way. As a company that started with developing formulas for skin care products only 4 years ago, we have expanded our reach into several different new markets based on the demands of our customers. We’ve not only grown to a wider audience with male skincare and supplements, but also opened up to new markets completely. We have become more than skin care and private label manufacturers, and have become a full circle solution for our customers interested in building a private label.

William Oliver, owner of Private Label Skin, works to ensure that they employ highly skilled and experienced professionals. PLS develops, manufactures, and packages their products all at one facility, and strives to extend its benefits to each of its customers. They are committed to quality, flexibility, reliability, and the order fulfillment. They offer a wide range of options to customers, who rank among the world’s top direct marking companies, online retailers, and wholesalers.

PLS strives to be innovative, and as such has grown considerably in its four years of operations. In those four years, the company has grown out of two facilities and more than quadrupled its staff. They work hard to meet the needs of their customers, and have begun to expand into markets beyond women’s skin care. When the company was started in 2012, companies were looking for the cheapest options, and quality suffered as a result. PLS has worked to bridge the gap of cost vs. quality, and created NaturaBase™, which has allowed them to do so. Working to improve their products and listening to their customers and the market has provided PLS with ever-expanding horizons, competitive advantage, and continued growth.