Webinar fatigue? We get it.

Check out our NEW approach to leadership development and connecting you with other CEOs.

Each year, we survey the second-stage CEOs in our network to see what specific challenges they are facing with their businesses. Their top 10 answers formed the GrowFL CEO Academy. This program offers both virtual and in-person opportunities to learn and connect.

How is the CEO Academy different from past webinars?

GrowFL understands the benefit of interacting with peers and sharing best practices. The CEO Academy will operate in a 20/20/20 format. This includes a:

  1. 20-minute presentation
  2. 20-minute breakout room discussion with fellow CEOs
  3. 20-minute group debrief
    This is a time to get specific questions answered, form new business relationships, and connect with your peers.

The CEO Academy year-end retreat will bring together all participants and presenters from around Florida, packed with a full day of topics and discussions for continued learning.

CEO Academy Sessions Include:

  • Leadership Best Practices

  • HR Strategies for CEO’s

  • Leadership Communication

  • R&D Tax Credits

  • Talent Recruitment and Employee Benefits

  • Business Process Improvement

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Company Culture

  • Succession Planning

  • CEO Academy Retreat

Building Success Together

Our programs provide connections with other second-stage company leaders, resources, and organizations whose expertise, experience, and products lead to the second-stage company’s continued growth and prosperity.

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