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Choosing the right location requires a multi-step process, Cresa has perfected it.

Step 1: Project Kickoff

Step 2: Market Intel

Step 3: Select Properties

Step 4: Negotiate the Terms

Decoding the myths and realties when it comes to your office space.

Myth: We have no interest in relocating.

Reality: Even if you renew, you don’t want to pay more than you have to, renewals are market driven.

Myth: Hiring a tenant advocate will cost me more.

Reality: Representation fees are factored into the rate and paid to the landlord’s broker if you’re not represented.

Myth: We have a relationship with the landlord and/or landlord’s broker.

Reality: Your landlord has representation, you should too; your landlord expects it.

Myth: We have time left on our lease.

Reality: Starting early allows us to develop the best strategy whether renewing or relocating, or you can capture the benefits of today’s market by renewing early.

Myth: The landlord dropped our rate .50/SF, we got a good deal.

Reality: There’s so much more that goes into occupancy costs than just the rate.