Joins GrowFL to Encourage Companies to Apply for Florida Companies to Watch

GrowFL announced today that the Florida High Tech Corridor Council (The Corridor) will again be a major sponsor of Florida Companies to Watch, GrowFL’s annual awards program for second-stage growth companies. Applications are now open for this prestigious award. The application deadline is July 9, 2018.

The Corridor is an economic-development initiative of the University of Central Florida, University of South Florida and the University of Florida with the mission to attract, retain and grow high tech industry and innovation. Through partnerships, research, workforce development and more, The Corridor serves 23 counties.

Dating back almost a decade, The Corridor was a founding partner of the GrowFL program. Since 2009, they have assisted the organization in establishing programs that support second-stage companies grow and prosper in the state of Florida. “The Corridor and GrowFL have a long history together. We’ve remained dedicated to GrowFL and its mission because we believe in the organization’s ability to have an impact on the state’s economy,” said Ed Schons, president of The Corridor. “They provide entrepreneurs with a toolkit of knowledge often only available to much larger organizations.”

Schons also shared some of his favorite moments during his time with GrowFL, saying, “Since being involved with Grow FL, I find it’s always encouraging to attend the Florida Companies to Watch awards program and see the great work of companies from across the state.” He went on to say he enjoys the thrill and recognition it provides to local, successful entrepreneurs who have sacrificed everything for their company.
Like others, Schons believes investing in organizations like Grow FL is paramount. “GrowFL is incredibly important to Florida’s economy because it focuses on companies already established here. It helps them grow in sales and employment, which promotes a healthier economy,” he said.

For more information about the year-round benefits of being a GrowFL sponsor, please contact Mike Bobroff at or call 407.765.1919.

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